First Friday Night Club

Good friends, good fun...

The year has come and gone and we had some great times together, after all enjoying time with friends is what this group is all about.  Take a look at some of the good times we have shared this past year.

The pick of the night was Peddlers Daughter a fine Irish Pub located in downtown Nashua, NH.   Six of us jumped in the Honda CRV, with Rob in the very back, and had a great dinner.

Remember the Fool’s?  Well let me tell you they have not changed and can still put on a show!  What a night...

Dinner at the new Bailey’s Bar & Grill in Townsend a rustic restaurant with fine American food.

Decided to sit back and relax at the Lewis’s.  We had grilled Salmon, salad, potatoes and fine wine.  GOOD EATS, GOOD COMPANY!

Decided to order in from Fhilo’s in Groton, a little hole in the wall with delicious Italian cuisine.  We ordered a bunch of main meals and chowed down!

Peddlers Daughter—Nashua, NH

Salmon on the Barbie

Bailey’s Bar & Grill—Townsend, MA

Bull Run Concert Series—Shirley, MA

Filho’s—Groton, MA

2009 Get Togethers

With the house all decorated, everyone brought an appetizer or dessert and we enjoyed good holiday spirits and great conversations all night long.

2009 Holiday Get-Together—The Newell’s

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